Vat 69


Vat 69 is a Scotch whisky classified as blended scotch whisky. It contains 40% ABV (alcohol by volume).

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This whisky was created by William Sanderson & Son Limited of South Queensferry, Scotland that was absorbed into DCL, now Diageo. The Vat 69 was introduced in the market in 1882. The name came after a panel of experts was hired to taste one hundred casks of blended whisky, and the 69th batch was judged to be the best giving the whisky a brand name. The whiskey is well blended to enhance the taste. It’s manufactured by about 40 malts and grain whiskeys being stored in smaller vats. From there it is well mixed to enhance the smooth, balanced spirit taste. It has no age statement because of the combination of malts and grains. To the nose, it has hints of spice and caramel, notes of barley malt, with a soft wheat character — a touch of pear juice. To the palate, it has ground almonds and barley malt. Slightly biscuit, more of those pear notes, a little pepper.

It is a perfect drink for all occasion such as to celebrate a party with special evening or party. You can drink it neat, add water or ice cubes to provide a subtle taste and beautiful aromas. If you are looking for a dependable blend, this is an excellent choice. Sales are reputedly over million cases in a year due to the high-quality products.

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